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About our Crime & Virus (Covid-19) Scene Clean-up Services

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Covid-19 Clean-up & Epidemic Prevention and Control 

In 2020, we are living through significant trauma on a societal level and the greatest crisis of our generation — a global and widespread pandemic, with no end date in sight.

Our world has changed affecting everything we do and how we do things. What’s most important is protecting ourselves, our loved ones, our staff and our customers. Personal spaces, workspaces and public areas are the new focus areas in addition to personal hygiene of masks, sanitisers and gloves. By this we mean, instilling confidence in our fellow South Africans by providing Fast, Affordable and Certified Assistance & Technology.

Cold ULV Micro Fogging is the new standard in addition to cleaning, because of its ability to very quickly make any space safer with a far higher efficacy and lower cost than that of any tradition method available.

We, CVSC, are a division of Cebeon-Somerlinck, established in 1991, and we specialise in clean-up, decontamination and disinfection of any virus, trauma or contaminated area. Our comprehensive Cold ULV Micro Fogging sanitisation and disinfection solution can be applied in any given environment or on any application.

With our Governments Lock-Down Regulations all companies/organisations/service providers and other institutions need to comply with post lockdown work space readiness regulations.

It is our moral and legal obligation to keep our places safer for a long time to come.

CVSC will help you achieve work space readiness, prevention and safety through the use of different Certified Packaged Solutions, all consisting of ULV Micro Fogging in conjunction of the correct and Applicable Certified Disinfectants. Our Advice and Support is always included.

The Preventative and Active Exposure solutions we offer are cost effective, fast and safe.

Why Preventative Disinfection? And what are the advantages for my company?

A preventative disinfection and sanitation for COVID-19 (including a wide range of pathogenic microbes such as viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria) is a piece of mind for yourself, your company, your staff and your clients. Our team gets familiarised with your business lay-out, this enables us to provide faster, more efficient and more cost effective actions. A preventative disinfection is done weekly at only half (or less) the cost compared to an Active Case Disinfection. When a weekly preventive disinfection is performed by us, we guarantee to perform the emergency active case disinfection at the same reduced cost as a preventative disinfection, with the guarantee you will be able to recommence your business with all necessary certificates 8 hours after you called an active case in.

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The top priority at this stage is Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC). By now we all know COVID-19 and a lot of other viruses spread through droplets and/or contact, they spread through the air by coughing or sneezing they spread to the people in close contact with the infected without any protective measures, thy spread to you if you touch the surface of a contaminated object, and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes with the contaminated hands.

What does our Cold ULV Micro Fogging do?

Simply, it is the process of spraying ionised particles in extremely small chemical droplets (between 4 and 50 microns) in the air allowing them to float around before they “stick to a surface” and continue killing germs and viruses.

Why Cold ULV Micro Fogging?

Studies show the application of disinfectants and biocides via fogging, significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens. Studies have proven that droplets of this size are ideal to combat pathogens when combined with the products we use. Our products have been certified and tested and are widely used to disinfect places like offices, nurseries, schools, houses, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, governmental institutions and more. They have also been extensively used in the food, beverage, poultry and other agricultural sectors all around the world. Pathogenic microbes such as viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases affecting animals and humans. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around for minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts that conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach.

Why we choose Cold ULV Micro Fogging above Thermal (heated) fogging for disinfection:

  • Two of the best proven effective ingredients used for disinfection are alcohol and bleach/chlorine. Neither of them cope well with heat, alcohol as fire hazard and bleach will create a highly poisonous chlorine gas when heated.
  • The particles size ULV fogger produce can be adjusted to output a precise sized particles, which allows to use the fogger in different applications.
  • – ULV foggers use cold fogging techniques and do not get heated to high temperatures, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • – ULV foggers particles (droplets) averaging from 4-50 micron range. This size particles remain floating in the air long enough to attack airborne contaminations and still have large enough particles to remain on and disinfect the surface.
  • – The lack of heat (and thus fire risk) makes ULV foggers, less spectacular (no large smoke clouds) but safer and more effective for indoor disinfection

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